After setup the air conditioner does not react to the Sensibo app

You should read and follow this article when:

  1. You have installed Sensibo Sky
  2. You have successfully connected Sensibo to the internet
  3. You have set up your A/C remote control during setup
  4. After the installation you use the app
  5. You see Sensibo Sky react to the device with a blue light
  6. The A/C unit does not react

What to try:

  1. Make sure there is a line of sight between Sensibo and your A/C unit
  2. Make sure that your remote control works from the same position where you placed Sensibo
  3. Try different position for placing Sensibo
  4. For testing purposes, try to hold Sensibo very close to the A/C unit and see if it reacts
Setup Sensibo Aircon remote

You can use a standard phone power bank if it helps:

Sensibo remote control

5 - If all fail:

1 - Go to 

2 - Login with your username and password

3 - Choose 'Change remote model' from the options

4 - Manually try to select your A/C brand

5 - If your A/C brand is not in the list - try to go over the Generic items

6 - If you are still having issues, contact us.