How to manually set up the WiFi profile (network name and password)

You can always set up the WiFi profile manually. Here is how:

    1. Open the WiFi settings and search for a network name 'SENSIBO-I-XXXXX' where the X is some number.

2. Connect to the network.
3. Open the browser and enter the url


4. Go to the 'Profiles' tab

19216811 address ssid

5. Enter your SSID (network name), choose security type (usually WPA2) and enter the security key (password). Also enter 0 in 'Profile priority'.

19216811 address Security Key

6. Click 'Add' and see that the profile was added to the bottom of the page where the profiles are listed:

19216811 enterprise profile

7. Reset the device by powering it off and on, and the device should connect.

8. You can alway reset the profiles by clicking the device button on the left side (inside the small hole).